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Speech Pathologist

Fruchthendler Elementary School has a program for students with speech and language delays. Typically, students are referred to the Speech / Language Pathologist by their parents, teachers or physicians.

Speech sounds, phonemes, develop throughout the child’s early years. Some sounds are easy to produce, such as the /p/, /b/, /m/, but other sounds such as the /s/, /z/, /r/, /l/, may not emerge correctly until 6 to 8 years of age. Speech therapy is provided if the student has not yet mastered a specific sound that most children at his/her age, 90%, have developed.

Language therapy is more complex. It deals with syntax, vocabulary, word finding, auditory memory and other aspects of expressive and receptive language.

If you, as a parent, have concerns about your child’s speech development, please feel free to contact the Speech/Language Pathologist at Fruchthendler Elem. School.

Another contact for parents with concerns about their toddlers or pre-kindergarten children is TUSD’s “Child Find Preschool Program” at 232-8314.

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