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Health Office

The health office is staffed with a health assistant, Jeanne Dunbar, and a registered nurse, Eva Damschroder. The health office is open from 8:30 until 3:15 daily. The health office provides basic first aid to injured or ill students, staff, and faculty; administers medications; reviews records for immunization compliance, and/or relevant health concerns; screens students for vision or hearing loss; makes referrals for medical follow up as needed; and provides comfort measures and emotional support for students. The HO staff also performs head lice checks and rechecks as necessary. The RN and HA work closely with physicians and other health care providers to manage chronic health concerns while the student is at school. The RN and HA work with parents, teachers, and students to obtain community resources as necessary.

Immunization Requirements

Arizona Administrative Code: Title 9, Chapter 6, Article 7 requires all students attending public schools to be immunized against preventable diseases. At the time of registration, all parents/guardians must furnish documented proof of required immunizations or exemption to the School Nurse. Students not in compliance with Arizona State immunization requirements will be excluded from school until proof of immunity is presented.
Please review your child’s immunization record and contact your physician or the Pima County Health Department to schedule immunization updates if needed. Your child’s record should reflect the following required immunizations.

Prescription Medication

When necessary, prescriptions medications may be administered at school with written permission from the student's parent or legal guardian. The medication must be prescribed by a licensed provider, be in the original container, properly labeled with; the student's name, the name of the medication, dosage, and the times to be given.

Over the Counter Medications

Parents may request the health office to administer some over the counter medications (antihistamines, pain relief medications, and decongestants/cough medications) for up to three days without a prescription.

Students Carrying Medications

Students are allowed to carry medications necessary to treat life threatening conditions. Examples are asthma inhalers, Epi-pens, and diabetic supplies. No other medications may be carried by the student.

Emergency Clothing

The HO has a few items of clothing for students to borrow when their clothing has been soiled, or if the student has come to school inappropriately dressed. Keep us in mind when your child outgrows his/her clothes. We are always in need of good used clothing.

When to keep students home from school:

Temperature of 100 degrees or more without medication.
Sore throat accompanied by fever.
Vomiting during the night or in the morning.
Persistent diarrhea.
Moist productive cough, chest congestion, or discolored nasal discharge.
Red swollen eyes that itch and are draining puss.
Any unexplained body rash.

We welcome your questions or comments. Please feel free to contact us at 731-4417.

Eva Damschroder, RN, BSN
School Nurse

Jeanne Dunbar
Health Assistant

Medical Resources

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