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GATE at Fruchthendler

  • Fruchthendler GATE School wide Model Pilot 2019-2020 School Year
    Fruchthendler is piloting a school wide cluster program this year to offer GATE services to
    all students in all classrooms. Over the past several years, we have expanded GATE services
    so that all of our teachers are providing cluster services (gifted qualifying students
    clustered in a classroom with regular education students taught by a GATE endorsed
    The school-wide model is a popular trend in gifted education because it supports current
    implementations such as professional learning communities and shared resources among
    grade levels. This model focuses on placing a cluster of gifted students in each class with a
    focus on differentiation to meet their needs. It promotes a diverse group of learners, which
    allows both qualifying and regular education students to benefit from gifted services.
    Because teachers are all gifted endorsed (or working toward endorsement), they are able
    to successfully implement critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and other
    gifted strategies for all students.
    This school wide GATE cluster model will include additional benefits such as:
     GATE school wide resources such as literacy kits, critical thinking resources, and
    enrichment materials
     GATE professional development and study group options for teachers new to the
    site who are working towards their endorsement
     Push-in GATE critical thinking lessons from the GATE Itinerant teacher
     Modeling support for teachers who are new to the site working towards their gifted
    At the end of the 19-20 SY, this program will be evaluated to assess its success. The
    following criteria will be reviewed with the GATE department, Fruchthendler principal,
    ALE director, Asst. Superintendent for Fruchthendler’s region, and the Desegregation
    1. Fruchthendler will maintain a staff which has a majority of teachers either
    provisionally or permanently gifted endorsed
    2. New teachers will agree to actively work towards their gifted endorsement and to
    teach gifted strategies in their classroom.
    3. Fruchthendler will cluster their students so that most teachers have a cluster of
    GATE students in their classroom in order to provide equitable gifted services to a
    diverse group of students. Kindergarten teachers do not have qualifying students
    but will teach gifted strategies to all students.


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