Safety Patrol

Fruchthendler Elementary School is fortunate to have skilled and dedicated students who contribute to their school by being members of the Safety Patrol. Safety Patrol members are active at our school at all entrances, and are responsible for assuring a number of safety issues. Safety Patrol children monitor for unsafe behaviors such as pushing or running, and they also escort kindergarten students to the playground. Members are present at entrances to answer questions from our visitors, and to assure that visitors sign in. This visitor sign-in procedure is an important part of our safety program, and allows Fruchthendler administration to know who is on campus and where they are going. Volunteers are also asked to sign in with each visit, so that the school is properly credited for the many, many hours of donated volunteer time which benefit our school. We ask again that you help us, and our Safety Patrol, by respecting the general security procedures we have in place. Thank you.