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After School Clubs and Activities

  • OMA
    Mrs. Gale has begun two clubs for all grade levels.

    Art & Music

    This extracurricular will be a chance for students to create artwork while listening to music. There will be a theme each week. Students will have time at the end to share their artwork with each other.

    Music Concert

    This extracurricular will be a chance for students who know how to play an instrument to showcase a song for a group of people. It will be a time to share our talents, practice good concert etiquette, and learn how to give positive feedback to each other.

    Contact Mrs. Gale by Email

  • FCC
    3rd-5th grade has been invited to participate in FCC this year. Please contact the FCC Teachers for more information.

    Contact Ms. Cassie and Mrs. Tinsley by Email


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