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Profile of a 21st Century TUSD Student

 Personal Qualities
 Skills and Knowledge
 Self-Directed Learner

Regularly sets achievable goals
Considers risks; recognizes consequences
Makes choices about what to do and when
to do it
Knows how to learn, and learns new skills
Reviews progress
Values life-long learning
Takes responsibility for own actions
Understands career options

Collaborative Worker

Regularly works well in groups
Has positive relationships with peers
Works to achieve group goals
Teaches others

Problem Solver

Makes decision and solves complex
problems in many situations
Uses these skills regularly, independently,
and efficiently
Uses technology to acquire, organize and
Evaluate information

Responsible Citizen

Helps and cares about others
Is interested in different people and
respects those differences
Takes part in classroom, school and
community activities
Exhibits honesty and integrity
Chooses responsible courses of action
Understands career obligations

Quality Producer

Displays high standards of attendance and
Perseveres toward goal attainment
Follows directions
Completes work on time
Creates a variety of original products that
show high standards using
appropriate technology

Understands a variety of reading materials
Independently reads to learn
Relates reading to information and experiences


Writes in a clear, meaningful way
Uses appropriate descriptions & mechanics
Follows a logical order
Chooses the appropriate format


Shows an ability to correctly solve and explain problems
Predicts solutions & shows logical conclusions
Uses appropriate methods and accurate computations
Verifies and interprets results

Social Studies

Understands roles and responsibilities in home, class, and community
Shows a knowledge of and appreciation for other people, history and geography
Consistently processes current events


Understands and uses appropriate scientific ideas and facts
Uses a variety of tools and methods
Understands the role of science in the world

Fine Arts

Shows creativity
Understands the elements of art and how culture and history influence the arts
Elaborate and explains personal impressions of art

Listening and Speaking

Regularly listens and understands
Answers using appropriate language
Communicates effectively


Makes positive personal health decisions
Handles feelings appropriately
Works and plays safely
Understands the benefits of good nutrition & physical activity

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