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TUSD Quality Standards and Governing Board Goals

INSTRUCTION – Effective instructional practices create a community of learners where all students achieve their full potential.
CURRICULUM - Adopted curricula are the foundation for teaching and learning.
ENVIRONMENT – The learning and working environment is safe, stimulating, positive, and productive.
DIVERSITY APPRECIATION – Staff and students protect and respect the rights of all individuals. (TUSD Governing Board Policy 6112)
HOME and COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP – District sites, the home and community collaborate to meet the educational and social needs of students and their families or support systems.
LEADERSHIP – Leadership promotes organizational effectiveness.
HUMAN RESOURCES – Qualified, diverse staffs are recruited, supported, retained, supervised and evaluated using strategies which focus on continuous improvement.
ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT, ASSESSMENT, PLANNING – Organizational management, assessment, planning, and development procedures are effectively administered.

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