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Band & Orchestra

Fruchthendler is a qualified OMA school in TUSD with a full complement of Fine Arts classes from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  The TUSD OMA website gives further information about these classes at each grade level and you may want to list it.

As an important component in this program, 4th grade students have the opportunity to study violin as designated by TUSD’s OMA (Opening Minds through the Arts) Program. OMA is a nationally recognized model for improving academic performance by utilizing the arts at every grade level. Instruments are provided by the school and students are taught how to care for the instrument, to read music notation, to utilize good posture and position, and to perform early level solos and group selections with good tone and recognition of accurate pitch.

Fifth grade students in the OMA program can choose to participate in either band or orchestra. Fifth grade orchestra members may continue to study violin or may enrich their investigation of music by selecting viola, cello or string bass. These classes are geared to improving technique, developing concepts of playing 2 to 4 part harmony, learning a variety of bowing skills and providing more complex scales and rhythmic elements, while encouraging continued practice with correct position and technique.

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