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Children Conserving Creatures

Arizona Fish and Game logoThe Arizona Game and Fish Heritage Fund granted Fruchthendler funding for the wildlife preserve behind our playground; and a pollination Children Conserving Creaturesgarden in front of our school. This project was designed by the Fruchthendler Heritage Grant Committee. Over a period of two years of dreaming and planning, the members were instrumental in securing funds for the schoolyard habitat focusing on our sensitive desert plants, animals, and conservation of resources. It also emphasized efforts to involve Fruchthendler students, teachers, and neighborhood community. The Wildlife Preserve and Pollination Garden is a large and complex undertaking that will be started on September 24, 2008. Many groups of individuals with desire, persistence, and talent will be coming to our assistance through United Way "Days of Caring". Many professionals have been consulted for advice and review.

In the years to come, our school will involve exciting and authentic lessons that students and our school community will generate as the creative process unfolds. We are looking forward to many years of satisfaction with our schoolyard habitat.

Heritage Project Maps

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